Zero Hunger School Project

The Zero Hunger School is a project of Lehigh University Global Social Impact Fellows.

As a team, we are committed to creating a model inspired by the Barefoot College to educate and engage with middle aged rural woman in the Philippines on food insecurity and malnutrition

       Is our Project Goal scaled to our resources (dreams, materials, skills, differences, etc.) and constraints (assignment, time, skills, etc.)?

Since the Barefoot College is successful in Sierra Leone and India, the Zero Hunger College is definitely achievable, but needs to be catered to the community in the Philippines. We are working against time since those in the Philippines are suffering from food insecurity and malnutrition. However, we have partnerships in the Philippines to help us achieve our dream.

·   What are the metrics for success for what we’re producing?

A successful Zero Hunger College is a school where we bring in several middle aged rural women from many different barangays (small towns) around the Philippines to educate them on food insecurity/malnutrition and provide solutions to bring back to their community. We hope to open the school in 5 years and later down the line, have about hundreds of middle aged women attend the school. 

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