Galing Kabataan X Zero Hunger Lab

The Zero Hunger Lab is pleased to partner with the Galing Kabataan initiative of Galing Pook Foundation.

In this initiative, the Zero Hunger Lab has the following objectives:

  1. accelerate youth-driven innovations that advance food security and nutrition

  2. connect youth innovators with stakeholders in the community through a shared platform

  3. help create new institutional arrangements to reduce food security and nutrition

The Zero Hunger Lab will offer a special recognition to the most innovative initiative emerging from the seven Galing Kabataan semifinalists from three provinces and four selected cities.


Q. Who may participate?

A. Any team mobilized through the Galing Kabataan program in the seven LGUs.

Q. Who will select the provincial or city semi-finalists?

A. The selection committees will identify 3 semifinalists along with their judging processes.

Q. Who will select the top one projects across the 7 LGUs?

A. The Zero Hunger Lab selection committee will select the sole winner of the P10,000 prize from among the semi-finalists?

Q. May the participating LGUs give recognition and/or prizes to their semifinalists for the Zero Hunger track?

A. Yes.

Q. Does this award recognize only startups?

A. No. We will recognize startups, governance innovations, or any other innovative project selected by the partner LGUs as their 3 semi-finalists.

Q. Will there be any guidance to innovation teams?

A.There will be a series of online discussions via Youtube, Facebook Live, and Facebook to help teams have a deeper understanding of the food security and child nutrition problems and possible approaches. We strongly suggest that teams view the Limasawa case as a reference for projects. (click here)

Q. Is it ok to implement projects already described in the Zero Hunger Lab website?

A. Yes! Each locality has to innovate as it customizes the projects for their own context. Teams are encouraged to copy good ideas from other sites. Click here for a short-list of possible ideas and references.