Improving nutritional status in indigenous communities.

Project Objectives

The primary goal of Project Kagun is to contribute to the vision of a people-centered Service Delivery Network (SDN) wherein "families and communities are primary producers of health and nutrition among their infants and children under-five years old."

Specifically, the project aimed to:

1. Assist duty bearers in pilot-testing and formulating an action plan towards a People-centered Service Delivery Network for IPs;

2. Improve health literacy among families and communities in Sta. Juliana, both Aetas and non-Aetas, on health and nutrition among infants and under-five children as a pre-condition for a people-centered SDN.

3. Identify a model of a People-centered Service Delivery Networks for Indigenous Peoples in particular, and marginalized communities in general

Enabling LGUs to Design People-Centered Service Delivery Networks-v6n.pdf