Session 3: July 8, 2021 6pm-7:30pm (Zoom)

Food Security in Disadvantaged Communities


Food security is a pervasive issue which impacts disadvantaged communities all over the Philippines and abroad. Proximity to food sources (e.g. living in a rural area) doesn’t necessarily mean attaining access to food.

In this session, our speakers will be discussing the nuances of food security on the ground, real problem sets, and opportunities to address the food security situation in these areas.

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Session 4: July 8, 2021 7:30pm-9:00pm (Zoom)

Transnational Innovation Ecosystems

No one can do everything alone. Although the Philippines has a strong community of LGUs, NGOs, and universities working together, transnational collaborations allow for more access to funding, a broader understanding of food supply chains, and opportunities to help build awareness. In this session, we’ll be hearing from international speakers to help us understand the nature of these collaborations, how they work, and how we we can help build them.

Bill Whitney Ph.D.

Bill Whitney is Administrative Director for the Office of Creative Inquiry at Lehigh University. He also holds a Ph.D. in Theatre and Drama from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and serves as an adjunct professor of theatre at Lehigh and other area colleges. His past theatre-based research and scholarship has revolved around questions of reception and production in contemporary experimental theatre of the U.S. and the phenomenon of fringe theatre festivals. Currently, his interests circulate around higher education administration and culture, the role of arts and humanities in higher education, and the changing nature of academic research.